Kuopio Region

Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce represents the region of Northern Savo and its three major cities: Kuopio, Iisalmi and Varkaus. These cities reflect the diversity of the region with their individual strengths and characteristics. Our operating area includes over 250 000 inhabitants.

University city Kuopio is the economic and cultural hub of Eastern Finland. The strengths of Iisalmi lie in industrious entrepreneurship. Varkaus has a 200 year long industrial history.

We have excellence in machinery and energy technology, wood processing and food production. The new area of ​​growth lies in the health and wellness technology and drug development, as well as water and air technology.


Kuopio - the dynamic centre of Eastern Finland

The city of Kuopio, founded in 1775, is the 8th largest city in Finland with up to 111 000 inhabitants and 6 000 companies. As a national centre of expertise and the dynamic centre of Eastern Finland, Kuopio is a constantly growing business city.

Kuopio has an ideal location and great transport connections to the rest of Finland and Northern Europe. The unique mixture of academic expertise in various fields and the dynamic business environment  attract new businesses and investments.

The well-being and health care sector is one of the strong points of the city; the co-operation of Kuopio Science Park and the University of Eastern Finland has resulted in over 200 spinoff companies in the field. Other highly competitive fields of business include high technology, chemical products, metal, food and boat industries, wood processing, environmental issues and so forth.

Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce is located on the top floor of the Technopolis building (M-section) at campus area.

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Iisalmi - the home of specialised industries

Several internationally successful companies have laid their foundations in the Iisalmi region, mostly focusing on metals, mechanical engineering and forestry. The heart of the Iisalmi region, the city of Iisalmi, was founded in 1891 and has 22 000 inhabitants today.

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Varkaus - the city of international industry

Though Varkaus is a small city of only 23 000 inhabitants, the city has for long been renowned for the international large-scale industries of the area. Constantly developing, keeping competitive and valuing environmental and natural resources, the specialties of Varkaus are forestry and paper milling, energy production and high technology.